What is a Username?

A username is a name that identifies you to your ISP. This is similar to your bank account number. It is unique to you and forms your account. The username also forms your e-mail address. Eg: username@onetel.com


What is a Password?

A password is a name or group of numbers that you use to provide a secure connection to your ISP. This is similar to your PIN for your bank account. Both the username and password should be kept secret and not shared around, since you are responsible for these. We recommend you change this regularly and to a non dictionary word or term.


What is E-mail?

E-mail or Electronic mail is a software application that lets you send messages or small files to other people who have E-mail accounts. E-mail is like writing a letter, placing it in an envelope addressing it then dropping it off at the post office. With E-mail all you do is connect to the Internet, open your E-mail software (normally part of your browser) click on mail, and new message. You have to address the E-mail in the same way you address a letter. Then you click on send and the E-mail is sent.


So what is my E-mail address?

Your E-mail address is your username@onetel.net.uk. To send an e-mail to a friend you need to know what their E-mail address is. The best way to do this is to give them your e-mail address and ask them to send you an E-mail. If you are unsure of your E-mail address simply ask you ISP.


What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is used for uploading and downloading files. (In plain English, it's the way to send and receive programs or documents of any type between computers.) This is the standard that you must use to upload your webpage to the OneTel.Net server.


What is an URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. An URL is what you use to search for things on the Internet. (In plain English, it's a web page address.) Eg www.webpage.com Types of URLs include: file://pathname = File stored on your local computer's hard drive, ftp://hostname/pathname = File on an FTP server, http://hostname/pathname = World Wide Web page, mailto:address = Email, telnet://hostname:port = Telnet to a site